Merry Christmas!!

Wonderful, Wonderful, Loving, Joyful holiday! I love my family and moments like these to cherish and hold on to forever. I wish I was home celebrating with my sisters, brother, mom and dad but I got to do that for Thanksgiving. Today was a day of hanging out with my baby girl and hubby and we played alllll day, it was torture to put all the games, baby dolls and clothes away. My Bella was spoiled with Princess everything buy all of her sweet grandparents. I am just glad that they are a part of her life because I only knew my grandparents by name that I meet only a few times in my life. Well, I still have lots to edit from the day and then it's back to work. I have some shopping to do in the morning and phone calls to make in the afternoon. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I CAN NOT WAIT for the new year!!! Whoo hoo!!! Merry Christmas my friends.

Here is a sweet boy I had the opportunity of photographing just before Christmas. Last time I seen him he was itty bitty and just days old. Now at nearly 7 months old he was a litter trooper and let me play dress up for about an hour to capture some fun stuff for the holidays. What a cutie! Thanks so much "M"!